Changshu Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in clothing trading business with certain clothing manufacturing equipment and superb technology level.In the company,there are employees with good professional qualities, necessary clothing theoretical knowledge , industrial production knowledge and foreign trade skills.The company has a relatively fixed,reputable production base.The company has established a clothing proofing center with skilled clothing design,plate and CAD application capability for men,women,children and other types,clothing technology and design capability,and ability to buy fabrics and accessories, clothing model design production capacity,capability of clothing documentary and tally sheet processing and capability of clothing quality control.These provide a reliable technical support for the boutique clothing production in accordance with relevant technical standards.

Changshu Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd.adhere to the"customer first,sincerity as the basis "and whole-heartedly provide customers quality,convenient and personalized service.We abide by the contract and operate standardized operation in the procurement of materials,style design,plate proofing,production,acceptance, delivery,transportation,settlement and other aspects.We are committed to improving customer satisfaction and have won a good reputation in the majority of customers.And attach particular importance of the quality of our products in the commodity trading and pay attention to the security of technology and commodities.Products are mainly sold to Europe and America and does collection and feedback in a timely manner about the sale of information,to strengthen after-sales service.In all aspects of the operation of the company, we implement the legal thinking and legal manner and offer legal commitments.

Changshu Foreign Trade Corporation

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